Our Policy Statement includes but not limited to:

• Project Management Process Policy
• Quality and Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)
• Administrative Policy
• Local Content Policy

Project Management Process Policy

The information within this document is intended to sum the Project Management Manual of HardRock Construction and Engineering Limited and aims to provide detailed information and instructions relevant to the execution of our contracts.

• Defining and understanding the project scope.
• Engaging a seasoned Project Manager, Project Engineers & experience operatives.
• Ensuring adequate Project Planning, budgeting & cost control.
• Ensuring adequate project programming & monitoring
• Ensuring provision of quality workmanship & materials
• Ensuring timely completion of projects

QA Quality and Health, Safety & Environment Policy

The information within this document is intended to sum the HSE & QA Manual of HardRock Construction and Engineering Company Limited and aims to provide detailed information and instructions relevant to the execution of our contracts.

Quality Policy

HardRock is committed to providing total quality, innovation and excellence to satisfy customers’ express and latent needs.

HSE Policy

HardRock is committed to providing and creating an enabling environment devoid of risk, safety & Health hazard for employees and others.

Administrative Policy

HardRock is an equal opportunity employer. It has no discrimination for gender, tribe or race.
Our administrative policy includes but not limited to:

• Engaging and maintaining good professionals with integrity.
• Ensuring good and moral conduct of the staff.
• Ensuring proper documentation, checking & control.
• Ensuring that HardRock/Client relationships are not jeopardized in any ramification.
• Ensuring good relationship with our host community.
• Ensuring a good, clean, hospitable & non-repulsive working environment (office, site and workshop).
• Ensuring adequate reward & incentive for excellence services.

Local Content Policy

In line with Federal Government of Nigeria policy on local content development, HardRock Construction and Engineering Limited as an indigenous company has developed the following process to enhance the implementation of the policy:

  • Made it a norm that our labour force shall at any given time be 90% Nigerians and 10% foreigner or expatriates.
  • 5% of skill and 95% of unskilled labour shall be sourced from the host community of all our projects’ location.
  • Materials shall be as much as possible sourced locally where they are available, especially from the host community; otherwise it shall be imported.
  • Where necessary or demanding HardRock shall through her community relations personnel, render to the community, a supportive charity service.
  • HardRock also endeavor to desist from polluting and creating any environmental hazard and degradation


The importance of safety rules and practices in industries cannot be over emphasized. Industrial workers should be made to understand the need and reasons for correct safety practices. Safety attitude must be developed in workers to focus their attention on the prevention of possible accidents.

At HardRock, the policy of developing safe work habit and awareness of dangers that exist when handling equipment, tools and machinery has been given meaning in its safety regulations namely;

An intensive staff training on safety and safe use of equipment and machinery to develop a positive mental attitude towards safety regulations is vigorously pursued.

Copies of the company`s safety regulations are usually given to the workers to enhance their positive attitude to safety inscriptions. It also contains instructions on the physical use of heavy instruments and machines, electrical devices and mechanical equipments.

Only people with minimum educational qualifications that enable them to easily read and write are employed to enhance our safety regulation.

Safety glass, gloves, protective caps, safety shoes and protective clothing must be worn by staff of HardRock at the work sites

Strict and thorough supervision is ensured to make sure that all safety devices, guards and other items of protective equipments are in good working conditions and are being used at all times

First aid is usually provided and periodically checked. Also basic training in the use of first aid kit is given to the safety supervisor to give him proper background for assisting in case of injury.


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