A technically skilled and detail-oriented firm with relevant experience to meet the most challenging of projects.

HardRock is an integrated construction and engineering company established with the objective of providing cutting-edge construction and engineering solutions to the Nigerian and Sub-Saharan African public. The company was established to harness and optimize the available opportunities in the construction and engineering industry to the ultimate benefit of its clients. 

In accomplishing its corporate vision and objective, the company has undertaken an in-depth and analytical study of the construction and engineering market in Nigeria and has carefully identified the need gap in this market. With our ingenious and innovative products and services, we are not just set to cover these gap areas; we are equally set to replicate the excellent construction and engineering service delivery available globally to our local and off-shore clients. 

We are proud to state that our indisputable strength lies in our human capital. We have taken time since commencement of business to assemble and train the best brains available in the industry.


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